Sunday, March 02, 2008


New York was chilly. (Although after we finally got there it was sunny until we tried to leave.) Here I took advantage of a black backdrop in a shop window to take a pretty straight up (although mirror image) picture of us.

Yesterday in Austin when I got up and after fooling around for a while I went to the gym in shorts and a T-Shirt without a second thought. The winter bulbs have bloomed. The Redbud trees will be pushing off their blossoms and replacing them with leaves before you know it. The Mountain Laurels are starting to cover their limbs with those purple blooms that smell like grape juice.

So that's it. It's Spring! It may freeze again but still.

We had a list yesterday of things to get done. One of them was ordering some furniture for the condo. That we got done. When I was laughing that we only got that done, FFP said he had hired someone to do part of it. And he did go to the bank with some deposits. (Where a teller talking on her cell phone left a zero off the deposit and said, "Well, they would catch it.") So, really, all we didn't do off that list (that didn't run into a snafu) was pick a contractor for some work in the condo and "Continue to toss stuff that isn't going." Downsizing. Ongoing. Must get on that today. I guess watching CBS Sunday Morning in your bathrobe isn't going to get me going on that. Hmm...maybe another cup of coffee.

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deb said...

My, my, you two look so serious.
Believe me, I know the cold will do it to you.