Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Perils of Blogging

There are two levels of reality normally. What is happening. And the retelling of what has happened. This photo shows my friend Pete telling my friend Rachel some tale. Meanwhile Rachel's husband, my buddy Louis, studies the menu for the dinner last night at the Long Center Opening Gala.

Louis sat on my right last night. FFP on my left. FFP wandered the room ("working it" he calls it) or engaged the dinner companions to his left. Louis and I had several conversations. In one he was explaining the research he was doing on a book he is writing and how quickly he'd found an expert and relevant materials through the Internet. (The topic was soldiers returning from World War I, I believe.) I started to tell a story to segue off that and I started having the feeling I'd told it to Louis before. Which may be true. But this much I realized for sure: I wrote about it here. And Louis reads the blog. (Yes, he's one of the four or five of you. Say 'hi' to Louis.) Anyway, I suddenly realized I blogged about it (a third reality) and that I was boring myself and Louis, too. And it was taking a lot of effort to tell my now boring tale because the room (giant tent actually) was so loud.

Yeah. When you blog it gives you more opportunities to repeat your boring self.


deb said...

Hey, do you have a pic of just Pete in his blue and white with the gentleman to his right in his red and white?

Linda Ball said...

Possibly. I know I have one of Pete (and Harry) with Forrest. By the way, they called the clothing store they (and Forrest) frequent and ask if dinner jackets were OK. Seems Easter is the magic moment when the white dinner jacket is OK. (Until Labor Day. Although frequenters of this space know we pushed that by a week for the Ballet Fete. It's Texas. It's hot. Leave us alone!)

deb said...

I'm jealous. After 18 years in Dunedin, FL I LOVE hot (and humid).