Thursday, March 06, 2008

Taxing Authority

New York buildings reflected in the Air Stream trailer that was part of MOMA's design show.

Let's see. I'm working on my taxes. So I keep finding reasons to be interrupted. I'm hungry. I need coffee. I'll surf the net while copying this. Fortunately I don't have to fill out the forms. I just have to fill out an organizer and, you know, get the stuff organized. My in-laws managed to sign theirs on the correct lines on the second try. Ours is a tad more complicated than theirs. It makes a national sales tax a tempting thought.

My head swims with figures and forms like the picture above. This is not my cup of tea. Hmm...maybe I need a cup of tea.

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deb said...

Another splendid photo!

I've always done my own taxes. I didn't even mind sorting through the 5 pages that were required for my business. Then Amanda got old enough and got a job. She's barely math literate so I started doing hers. Now that my dad died, my mom needs hers done so...

You know, 21 tax pages, some on both sides, tends to make a person cranky.