Friday, September 05, 2014

Object Lessons...The Shelfie

I recently read on social media (which is where I first read of almost everything although I later flesh out many of the stories by reading long articles in actual print: magazines and newspapers) about 'shelfies.' Doing for your inanimate possessions what 'selfies' do for your visage. People artfully arrange their knick knacks, art work, etc. Then photograph them for social media.

I've done this for years, actually, sans the part about social media (although I often blogged pictures of shelves and stuff). See here.

The one above was taken a day or two ago. Every time I dust the shelves, there is an evolution of juxaposition of objects. You see cards I've stuck up there, glimpses of rewards we received, some small art work and some small things we've saved (a silver yoyo FFP gave his Dad, a harmonica he had as a kid).  Of course, books. A picture of us taken for a newspaper article.

Truth is I love looking at my shelves. They give me a warm feeling of memories and possibilites. The books reveal past and present interests. There are ones I've read and many I haven't but intend to read. The cards connecting me to people and events. The art work subject to constant reinterpretation.

I spend way too much time worrying about the physical things in my life and the disposition of them in the short and long term. Does writing about that fretting help or hurt? At least things look better than this:
Taken over six years ago before the move from the big house. I was trying to get organized. Ha.