Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Shall I Return? Maybe.

Holidailies is starting December 1. It's a thing where people with these old school 'journals' or 'blogs' write every day for the month of December. I haven't written in this space in a long, long time. I have posted drivel on Facebook and Twitter. In any case, writing something public in an old school fashion along with others may be a good thing next month. Or not. We will see. Oh, and Austin, Texas Daily Photo has continued assiduously (for over nine years now).But that's different. It's about photos. (The one above is taken from that blog.)

A couple of things about writing in this space are that you can find your stuff easily later and you are somewhat in control of the presentation. On Facebook or Twitter, not so much. So maybe I'll write here again. Maybe daily in December. Or not. These days I'm not always following through on whims or determined goals either. So we will see. It will not be cosmic, one way or the other. It's nice when things aren't cosmic because a lot of things feel fraught with significance these days.