Sunday, June 04, 2006

Artist's Statement

My friend SuRu says that (and I do paraphrase because I can never remember exactly what people say) artists are the ones who take what they create and themselves seriously and that I should work on my artist's statement for my shop window photography. So why not:
The photos are intended to use the glass enclosed shop windows (les vitrines en Français) as a second lens and then, by displaying them on WEB sites, use the reflective LCD and CRT screens as yet another way to include photographer, viewer and passers-by in the process. In the gallery or home, of course, reflective glass should always be used in the framing process and, perhaps, even a shadow box with real objects included along with the print. While France does provide some of the more interesting shop windows, my work encompasses examples from Texas to Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon.
Yeah, well, maybe. I may even try the shadow box thing in real life. Anyway, there you go. I'm taking myself seriously. I'm an artist. Not.

In this photo, the unknown couple with their interesting fashion, the stringed instrument and plant in the shop window and the traffic cones create a vibrant environment and a certain tension and intensity that any individual picture of the building across the way, the people or the items in the window would lack.

Whoa...maybe I should take up ghost-writing artist's statements!

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naomi dagen bloom said...

Arrival via Time Goes By. Love the photo and your reflection (slight pun) on photo-taking. Went by an Estilo the other day and wondered why they used that name.