Friday, December 06, 2019

Decorations so Bright

I have yet to decorate our apartment. I am telling myself that tomorrow or maybe Sunday I will go to the storage cage and get out our tiny, tiny tree and all the little Christmas figures and spread cheer around the apartment. In anticipation of this, though, I started dusting and cleaning and polishing areas where I might put these decorations.
 First up were the bar console and mirrored shelves above it. I washed all the glassware, polished things up and left it ready to rearrange with the tiny tree and some other Christmasy stuff. Then I wiped down the counter between the dining and kitchen and polished and dusted everything there. I still have more dusting to do.

Forrest and I started our annual Christmas decoration stroll with three hotels. The Line hotel had no decorations. What the heck!

The Four Seasons had little 'gingerbread' cities. Austin, the biggest, had lots of buildings and shops. (I'll post pictures along the way.) The Fairmont had giant nutcrackers made from macaroons and such. Also lots of other decorations. I took the first picture there.

 We were going to do some more hotels and office lobbies and the Capitol but that will wait until another day. We aren't going out of town for the holidays so we will have lots of time. Tonight there is a party at some friends' house. It's too far to walk (in the dark), but close so we can take a rideshare and imbibe.

And so it goes. I still want to write more about the economy and fast fashion and climate change and all my fears. But Christmas and housekeeping. Whatever.

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