Sunday, December 22, 2019

Where Have I Been?

I can't seem to post every day. We do that on Austin Daily Photo at least. What have I been doing? Hmm...let's see. I played tennis Saturday. We went out to dinner, to hear music, to have drinks with friends who've moved to Seattle but were here for family holidays. We tried a new restaurant. Meh. We went to a tried and true restaurant with some friends. Yum.

I read and I worked crosswords.

We wrote our Happy New Year letter to send to people who sent holiday cards (and some who didn't). I still have to print,  write personal notes, address, stamp and mail. But we send lots fewer than we used to send so there's that.

We will go to a Christmas party tomorrow. A Christmas bazaar and out to eat on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we will sit around in our sweats and enjoy reading and TV.

And so it goes it retirementville.

I have started thinking about writing about a few subjects while not posting daily. Which led me to read a bunch of my own writing (and some other things) on those subjects. Which somehow stopped me from actually writing a new post.

And so it goes. The holiday cards keep coming. And if they are from people (not businesses or non-profits and such) I'll send them a Happy New Year letter. I can't believe it will be 2020 soon.

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