Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sometimes I resort to a 'to do' list. Sometimes I put them inside my journal (a written one or one on this computer) or just scribble them on a pad in front of my computer. I keep little tasks in mind and when the time is right, I strike. Right now it seems very important to be focused and efficient. But it is very difficult. Today I have a 'day off' with nothing pixeled in on the calendar. So one would think I would accomplish a lot. Cross things off lists, solve problems, sort, toss. One would think I would do some cooking, some chores, get a long workout. One would think so. But my random scattered approach is much, much different.

But, really, is there anything more satisfying that scratching through an item on your 'to do' list (or putting a cute graphic check mark in a computer file)?

Write a Visible Woman Entry. Check. No, I don't usually put blogging on the 'to do' list. But sometimes I do.

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deb said...

Child: "Mom, how come dad's list is never finished at the end of the day, but you always get everything done that's on your list?"

Mom: "Don't tell dad this, but...I don't write anything on my list until I've already done it. Then I write it down and cross it off."