Thursday, April 03, 2008

Out of There! TODAY!

This is picture taken in the middle of March of a bookcase in my office. I'm typing this from my desktop in FFP's office. But my old office is still full of books and stuff and I have to get out of there soon because the painting project is moving inexorably toward this room. Yikes. Well, tennis got canceled today and the oak pollen seems to have given me less vertigo this morning so...I'm going in! Wish me luck.


deb said...

First, before I forget, thank FFP for sending the Long Center pics. My email to him bounced back to me.

I remember the time we had our floors refinished. We moved ourselves out to sleep at my parents for a few days. We moved all the living room and family room furniture and rugs in to the kitchen, and two bedrooms of furniture in to the bathroom. We spent our days working on the outside. A trip in for a glass of water meant climbing on to and crawling along the kitchen counter to get to the sink. Fortunately, we had a half bath left uncluttered and toilet assessible.

deb said...

Too tired tonight. Make that accessible.