Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Never Blog When Drinking

I'm not inclined to take my own advice, am I?

I've had various random things to say to my readers today, but life intervened. A Caesar Salad intervened because we had a surfeit of anchovies in a pantry that needed cleaning . Trying to build an environment on the iMac to please FFP intervened.

I wanted to say that we were trying to not just give things away, but use things up. Hence, the anchovies. I had FFP buy Romaine Lettuce so we could use the anchovies. And some fresh garlic. Just as I've had him buy apples a few times in the past few weeks to make tuna salad to use up the tuna. No more can goods until we move, she said forcefully. But FFP bought a jar of sweet relish because I used the last on the tuna. And so it goes.

We've been drinking up corners of whiskey, too. I finished the Woodward, the Jack Daniels Single Barrel, the Blanton's. (Not all tonight, I assure you. Over the last weeks.) I've moved on to some Canadian. We had a bottle of wine with the Caesar. It was a white and over a decade old but surprisingly good. With garlic and anchovies anyway.

I also wanted to say that I've come to appreciate wireless. See the picture? That's my old Sony tower sprouting wires. Of course, a camera battery charger and my laptop, charging, is there, too. My laptop is reflecting the green outside which I find amusing.

My new setup with the iMacs have fewer wires. Even though they are hard-wired to the TimeMachine, they still only have power and an Ethernet wire. They do wireless but backups to the TimeMachine are faster with the wire. One has a wired keybaord. Otherwise, sleek, sleek, sleek. We are looking for sleek. Having monitor, USB, keyboard, mouse, printers, it's less than sleek. I'm sure we will have too many wires in the condo, too, but we are doing what we can. We will have two printers. One will be on the Ethernet itself, though.

It seems I had other things to say to my readers, but I drank the wine and the whiskey. Not all the wine nor all the whiskey. But enough.

By the way, thanks for all the responses to my (it did seem needy, didn't it?) post about tens of readers. Actually, I don't care if you read and don't comment, folks. It's fine. In fact, the comments have to be moderated (or else there is silly spam because the blog is open). It's all just easier if you e-mail me when you really want to talk. Or we go to lunch or dinner or meet up at a charity event. (You know who you are.) And if you miss reading? Don't feel bad. I don't know why I blog, but it isn't to connect with you guys. I like to do that in other ways.

By the way, some strong boys who work for a charity came and took a four-drawer file cabinet today. And we did more shredding. And filled recycling bags. Progress was made, by golly.


deb said...

So, we're meeting in Marblehead for lunch when? Or was it dinner?

Linda Ball said...

Yeah, maybe we could wangle a temporary membership to the Corinthian Yacht Club like we did last time we were there and sit and discuss it all on the deck as the sun went down across the harbor there and then we could have some dinner and maybe stroll around the Neck once. Man, if I ever get out of real estate hades I'm so there.

deb said...

It does sound good.

In time.