Saturday, December 22, 2018

I Wasn't Here Yesterday

Strange things kept me from the keyboard. Oh, nothing like the scene played out above. No, an attack by the scourge of Austin...Cedar Fever. Actually, caused by a reaction to the Ashe Juniper Tree, sometimes called the Mountain Juniper. A wet fall, a strong wind. I got outside to play tennis and walk around and boom. First eyes water, feel a little dizzy. Then drippy nose, fierce headache from congestion. I had two parties to attend yesterday. I made it to one, barely stopping the pain and dripping with diphenhydramine and phenylephrine. Since the other was outside and on the side of town where the trees are and mostly for kids, I skipped it and used cold rags on my aching face where the sinuses were in rebellion. It could be worse. I could have the flu or something.

Now I'll just try to stay inside except for going to parties. I've washed the sheets and clothes I'd worn outside. I haven't done the cleaning up around here I'd hoped for. But is there anything more miserable than sneezing and blowing your nose and not even being able to read or watch TV comfortably because your eyes hurt?

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