Sunday, December 02, 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Such an interesting time of the year for children who, like me decades ago, look forward to ripping off that colorful paper and having what the heart desires. Or maybe it would appear, unwrapped under the tree while you slept. These days, for us, there are rarely wrapped presents and no live, lopsided tree. I'm thinking this was at my grandparents' house in McKinney, Texas years ago although I could be wrong.

My husband and I are childless and orphaned (the parents would be 108, 102, 98, and 97 if they hadn't died at 100, 94, 91 and 80). This year we will go to parties, decorate in our own silly way, attend our annual performance of "The Nutcracker" by Ballet Austin, see "A Christmas Carol" at Zach Theater and a Holiday Chorale at The University of Texas.

We will put together a jigsaw puzzle: this year's choice is a 1000 piece image of a bookshelf!

I may make Welsh Rarebit from Fergus Henderson's cookbook, a tradition I tried to start last year after going to two St John restaurants in London in the summer and having it at both. Because: who doesn't like cheesy toast? And this recipe involves Guinness Stout.

 It will be quiet for us on the actual holidays although we may go out for dinner and jazz on Christmas Eve.

It's possible no presents will be wrapped. Or maybe we won't even have presents.

We will probably walk around downtown and the Capitol Grounds and take pictures of decorations in public spaces and shop windows. We will treat ourselves to some movies. We will watch lots of shows and movies on DVD, satellite, Netflix, Prime, etc.

There will be no anticipation or surprises (or disappointments) in gifts. I will trot out my 30-year-old red blazer and consider myself holiday-outfit worthy.

Truly, I enjoy the peaceful times, the days when we haven't scheduled any events and other people are gathering in masses. (Or attending masses: we aren't religious.)

So, have yourself a Merry Whatever.

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