Thursday, December 20, 2018

It's Almost Christmas

I've got all the decorations sitting around. We've gotten thirty-four cards (from families, I don't count ones from charities or businesses). I sent 94. It's a losing game from that point of view.

We have two parties tomorrow. On Saturday a party (albeit an engagement party, it's at a venue that will be decorated to the nines for Christmas) and a show at a club where we'll meet up with some friends. (We've been doing a lot of friend meet-ups and it's been a lot of fun.) On Sunday, another party. One that always has the best entertainment and food. On Christmas Eve we are going to a restaurant we've been going to for forty years with a friend. It's interior Mexican. We'll have some tamales for sure. Christmas Day, we'll probably spend watching videos, reading and eating leftovers. Then there is a Boxing Day (December 26) party. We are having one or two friends over on the 27th for a showing of our favorite movie to watch at Christmas (great Christmas scene in it, too), "Giant." I'll meet up with some long-time girlfriends on the 28th for tea. Then on the 29th, we will go to one of those pop concerts where everyone brings food. Winding up the season, we will take a couple of girlfriends to an early dinner at a downtown club on New Year's Eve and then fall asleep before 2019.

We haven't really gotten each other gifts or gifts for anyone else except the occasional bottle of wine to a host. I did order myself a calendar on Amazon and the husband bought a 2019 datebook at the bookstore when I got a book I wanted.

I would like to be invited to a White Elephant party. I think these are hilarious and fun. Gift-wrapping some stupid (or even nice) thing you don't want and then having an exchange. Does anybody do those things any longer? Well, I miss them.

So the holidays draw to a close. Then it's just tax season and a new year to waste. Sigh.


jenmoon said...

What drives me nuts is when people *say* they are having a White Elephant and then don't actually DO White Elephant. For example, the party where I brought an obnoxious dancing penguin and everyone else was like, giving gift cards. The next time she threw a party I was told not to bring any novelty gifts. Then why say "White Elephant" if you don't actually want to do one? It turns out that nobody wants one, they just want "good" stuff like well, mugs and gift cards and boring things. Blech!

LB said...

I have no problem with White Elephant things being something useful or nice, but gift cards? No. And you shouldn't go out and buy something. You must wrap up something you already own. And novelty stuff? Great

Bev Sykes said...

I haven't been to a White Elephant party in years, but the best one was some 40 or so years ago, when I recognized the work of a pretty well known local artist and NOBODY else knew anything about it. I was able to "steal" it from the grateful person who got it and knew that I was safe because nobody else wanted it. I still treasure it! She has become more famous since those days and I probably could sell it for a chunk of money, but I love it too much.