Monday, December 03, 2018

It's Always Something

Today's picture was taken in the house where I lived from about age 10-18. This was back when we put those silver icicles on the tree by tossing them up in the air and letting them fall. I recognize a couple of ornaments, the plastic angel for one. This tree looks pretty sad given the ones you see today. There are a lot of presents, but I really don't have any idea what year this was or what anyone got wrapped in those boxes.

Today I stood up when my foot was asleep and stepped awkwardly and turned my ankle. I expect to walk and stand a lot this week. I iced it but have some soreness and a bit of a bruised knot. Oh, and I'm supposed to play tennis tomorrow. Ah, well. This should be interesting. I already had a niggling after-effect of allergies.

I did get my Christmas decorations out of storage (but not put up) and I expanded the dining table leaf to accommodate the jigsaw puzzle. So, ready for Christmas season but actually falling apart.

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