Friday, December 18, 2020

Christmas Presents


Some time ago Powell's City of Books in Portland, OR had a big sale. We ordered the books shown and they arrived this week. Two for me, two for him. That is the extent of our Christmas presents except that I ordered a new Page-A-Day French language and culture calendar. (It arrived today.) We did send some stuff to our friends in the NW, ordered over the internet. Other than that no gifts. No wrapping. I've started distributing some Christmas decorations around the apartment like the bendy Santas above. And our tree. That's up. Some of the stuff on the little bar left for size reference.

The little packages are tiny empty wrapped boxes probably created as decoration by child labor in Asia years ago. Tiny ornaments and tiny rubber trinkets abound. Since we have no real presents under it there is nothing to dwarf it but the liquor bottles.

In the spirit. Uh, no. May be drinking the spirits, though. I did make up a Christmas letter to print. Then had to do hand-to-hand combat with my printer today when it started acting up. Maybe I'll just point people to the online version. And they can imagine I wrote them a personal note in the white space.

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