Saturday, December 19, 2020

Second Wave


Every day, a bit after six, I will usually look at this chart for my county in Texas. Besides new cases, I'll also see if there are new deaths reported and how the hospitalizations, ICU, and ventilator numbers look. We are trying to tame vectors ourselves. We don't ride the elevators in our building with others and go to the public area downstairs (lobby, mailroom with 430 boxes, concierge desk) either very late at night or not at all. (A kind concierge drops things at our door.) We walk outside where there are fewer people. We get everything curbside. (Save my one trip to Costco which, I'm happy to say was a couple of weeks ago and at the elderly hour.) We were just out picking up takeout at a restaurant and a few things at the deli downstairs. All dropped in our trunk. We don't want to catch it. And we don't want to pass it on. So we reduce our vectors of exposure.

I hope those numbers go down to September/October levels soon. I hope the dip today isn't just lax weekend reporting. Or the fact that UT students took their positive tests home. 

There isn't much I can do about it. Except, you know, what I'm doing.

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