Sunday, December 27, 2020

That Didn't Go as Expected


Well, that didn't turn out the way I'd hoped. (Sort of like all of 2020.) I said I was going to be productive yesterday. I had good intentions. I was up at a reasonable hour. Of course, I milled around getting the papers in, checking in on the computers, making a copy of the NYT Saturday crossword for my husband, getting coffee. Saturday puzzles take longer so it became time to walk but we decided to have lunch first. Then we went downstairs to the car (gear up with masks and wipes and recycling to take out, etc.) and got in the car and started to back out. Whoa. Front tire very, very flat. The responsible screw landed on top of the tire as FFP pulled right back in the spot. Well, now. We don't change tires. Even if we did, is the donut ever properly inflated? So. We still went on a drive for a walk, taking my ancient but still running 2001 Civic. Still enjoying the Christmas decorations especially those that are fun without illumination.

When we got back, I looked through the fat files on our old cars to see when we last bought tires but couldn't find it. The tires look great. FFP called AAA and went through the exhaustive process of telling them we live in a high rise, the address is on the side of the building but the parking entrance is in the back, the truck will have to be buzzed in, the bigger wreckers are too tall so don't send them, etc. We both went to the garage at the appointed time (3:19 p.m.?) and waited because FFP thought I might need to move my car. The guy was about a half-hour late but did get in and quickly changed it, getting the donut to recommended pressure. So next week we will get it repaired or get a new tire. It's always something. 

But by the time we got that done, it was sooo close to the cocktail hour that my goals fell by the wayside. I made Welsh Rarebit from the leftover sauce from Christmas Eve and we ate that with a side salad. I made myself an Old Pal (equal parts Rye, Dry Vermouth and Campari shaken and strained into a chilled glass). 

We settled in to read (me: papers; he: a new book or maybe an old one he found) and doze with jazz playing until we decided to watch a couple more NYPD Blue episodes before bed with more reading until sleep around 1 a.m. And so it goes. The bill paying and spreadsheets for tax forms for the CPA, the cleaning, the organizing will wait until another day. Perhaps...tomorrow.

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