Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Outdoor Recreation and Relaxation


As we have driven around and explored close-in neighborhoods, I have noticed a surfeit of outdoor recreation equipment as well as outdoor furniture, firepits, and such. Above you see fabric suspended from a tree allowing, I assume, kids or adults to perform those aerial dance routines. That was the first sighting of such. But I've seen a ton of trampolines (see background above), basketball goals (some even on trampolines), monkey bars, slacklines, come-alongs between trees strung with handles and swings and such for the budding American Ninja Warrior, badminton nets, rebound nets, soccer nets and more. Traditional swings are around but four-point swings with a bungee-cord woven seat seem especially popular. Lots of people have chairs and tables out. In the summer there were blow-up pools. Now you notice fire pits and chimineras. I've seen paddle courts drawn with chalk on the street. Lots of yards have all sorts of balls laying around. Some of this equipment looks used, up a while or recently dusted off out of a corner of the garage. But a lot of it looks pretty new, maybe bought for this stay-at-home time. I guess the strangest recreation was the (well-fenced) yard with three thick, wood targets obviously for ax throwing. A month or two later we walked by again and they were pretty chewed up!

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