Wednesday, December 20, 2017

And The Holiday Continues

Yesterday I finished putting out my collection of Christmas decorations (mostly bendable posable Santas, reindeer and such). Our next door neighbor brought over a bottle of wine and we bought some take-out and sort of celebrated. That will probably be the only person who visits while we are decorated, but so what? I popped the leaf on my dining table, too, and got out a jigsaw puzzle. We got a few more cards in the mail yesterday and today and I had sent one to everyone except one family. One was returned for a bad address and an email exchange got the database updates (and the card off to the right address). I sent one to the family I'd neglected. It's interesting but from my survey the other day these two were received.
  • I knew this guy in college. He and his family (kids must be in their twenties?) send a card every year. Hopefully, they haven't moved. I'm going to send one. One kid had a baby. One joined the fire department and then decided to go to nursing school. The bottom floor of their house got four feet of water in Harvey. I do like those annual letters.These are the only people I know of who got flooded and I have several relatives in the area.
  • I can't believe they keep sending me cards. I worked for the man in the family over 15 years ago. Wonder if that address is still good? Not sending a card. Maybe they will stop this year! This family did send a card. Picture with kids. Son is taller than the dad who is a tall man. I've been getting these cards since these kids were toddlers. Maybe next year we will fall off the list!
I have now sent 80 cards and received 25 if you don't count the ones from charities and businesses and such. 

We are going to the visitation for our friend's son now. And then maybe make it to a holiday concert. We've been juggling holiday events and get-togethers. When we took off for our walk earlier, I noted that we'd been sitting around for much of the morning. FFP said he had had to take care of a lot of things. Turned out he was talking about social stuff. Making reservations, telling people when we'd meet up. 

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