Friday, December 08, 2017


I'm not doing too well with the Holidailies thing. Today I was going to talk in depth about holiday cards, gifts or decorations. But I keep getting distracted. Yesterday I was going to do something more than the 'oops I didn't really post yesterday.' But I didn't. I had to catch up on some financial stuff, I read the newspapers and we drove through blowing snow (really, but it wasn't quite freezing so that was good) to a dinner party and it ran sort of late. I've been sending out holiday cards to a few people and to people who send me one.Today, I sort of worked on the puzzles a long time and then we took a walk on the chilly, sunny day and had an al fresco lunch. Then we had to go to the bookstore and buy presents for ourselves. When I got home I was going to write some more, but I got a few holiday cards in the mail plus I got the images from some slides I had scanned and started downloading them.

Which leads me to the picture above and the title of this post. My aunt, my dad's youngest sister, is 86 years old She's downsizing as fast as she can. She had some 35mm slides and I told her I would take them and go through them and maybe get some scanned. I spent a long time with the loupe and viewer and took some to a camera store for high-resolution scanning last week. The one above was taken in Hawaii in the fifties. She was in the Navy and stationed there. When I went through the slides I had this rush of nostalgia for when I was a little kid and my aunt (who is barely 17 years older than I am) was my idol because she traveled around in the Navy. Anyway, nostalgia is a great time waster, I find. And that's one of many reasons I'm behind on everything else. But isn't that a fun picture?

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