Saturday, December 16, 2017

Get Those Cards Out!

It's only nine days until Christmas and so not much time to have my Merry Christmas card arrive before Christmas (or the end of Hanukkah). Why did I print 'Merry Christmas?' So tribal. Dang. Also, if it said 'Happy New Year' then it could arrive, well, anytime in January.

So, OK. I'm going to comb my list and get some ready to mail today (if I beat the mailman to our condo) or Monday at the latest.

Thoughts while combing the list in my database, upon looking at particular entries:

  • I can't believe they keep sending me cards. I worked for the man in the family over 15 years ago. Wonder if that address is still good? Not sending a card. Maybe they will stop this year!
  • I haven't heard from them since last Christmas, but I'd like to communicate with them. I'll take a chance on the address. Met the guy at my job, too. We shared an interest in fine food and wine.
  • I'm always saying that we should get together. She's so much fun. They are always coming downtown so maybe we will some time. I'll send a card. Met her at work, too.
  • That's the half of the couple that we sort of lost in the divorce. But she sent a card last year. Nah.
  • Well, hmmm, I think they split up and I haven't gotten a card from either nor do I know an address
  • She has health problems. Almost a shut-in? Sent a card last year and probably appreciates cards. Gee, I wonder if she's still at that address? In fact, is she still alive?
  • I knew this guy in college. He and his family (kids must be in their twenties?) send a card every year. Hopefully, they haven't moved. I'm going to send one.
  • This is the daughter of a friend from college. She has sent a card for years. A couple of years she sent the makings for Hoppin' John. I don't think I have her mother's address. The mom and dad divorced. Actually, they were both friends in high school, too. I think my friend moved here after she retired but I'm concluding that from Facebook. Ok, why not, send a card. Man, I hope they haven't moved.
  • Friends of Dad's really. But they keep sending cards to us. Nah.
  • These guys were moving I think. I'll wait for a card from them. They always send one. It is always a picture of them.
  • This couple's house was so close to the Santa Rosa fire. A mile away I think. (I actually compared the fire maps to Google maps.) Wonder if they are still there? They sent a card last year, but I'll wait. Met them through a friend. I'll see her this holiday and must remember to ask about them. We met up in France on a trip. We toured Normandy and then later met in the Alsace for a meal. On different trips, I think.
  • A lesbian couple (not that none of the above were) but I just say that because I think last year's card was exuberant about being married. And there was a last year card so...I'll send one.
  • Daughter of a cousin and husband and three kids. They sent one last year. Do it.
  • Dad's friends, but they were so kind to him that I owe them big time. Hmm...did they already send me one this year? I don't think so....
  • Friends we get together with all too rarely. Yeah, send it. They sent one last year.
  • I have known this woman since I was a tiny kid. They sent a card last year. Hope they are still OK.
  • We did a lot of stuff with this couple when they lived here in Austin. They live in Henderson, near Las Vegas now. We visited LV once and had lunch with them. They sent one last year. Yeah, OK. They've had some health scares. Hope they're OK. 
  • What is a good address for these people? Maybe they'll send a card.
  • This couple used to send a real card and were almost always first (after the Thanksgiving cheaters anyway). This year they sent an electronic card. But, in their defense, they did spend a few days stranded in Bali because of the volcanic eruption. So, yeah, send it.
  • They sent one last year. They invite us to lots of parties. They have a cute kid so hope they send a picture although...Facebook! So, send it.
  • They are downtowners like us. Last year they sent a card. Don't think they always do. But let's do it.
  • Single, true crime writer. Know address is good. Sent a card last year. Yup, do it.
  • Elegant New Jersey couple. Sent a card last year. Know they haven't moved. Do it.
  • Friends since Junior High. She married for the third time a couple of years ago. They moved (from Portland) to Central Oregon. I like the new husband a lot. I was in her first wedding. Less said about that guy the better. Never met the second husband. He died of a heart attack some years ago. They sent a card last year so, of course, send it. (I see them in Portland almost every year. Even this year when they weren't living there any longer.)
  • These people send a multi-page, multi-generational biographical extravaganza. They also give a themed party once a year that we have attended (and been delighted to get an invitation to) but, this year, decided maybe we didn't want to continue going. They are very rich. They are very prominent socialites. Oh, well. Send one.
  • I play tennis with this person. Did she just hand me a card last year? Or mail one? Hmmm. Think I'll pend this one.
  • Met this young lady at a local film non-profit before she took off to make her fortune in NYC. We met up with her a few times there. Now she's married. Not sure of address although got a card last year. Pend it, too.
  • This gal works for a non-profit we support. At least she did. Have a home address and it says they sent one last year. Pend.
  • This couple used to live here in an apartment near us. Moved to Dallas to be near grandkids. Sent us one last year. Yeah, sure. Another Jewish family. Should have just printed Happy Hanakkuh as well as Merry Christmas.
  • Love this couple. They sent an electronic one last year. Oh, well, mail one.
  • Our favorite curmudgeon. We have to travel to see him because he doesn't travel far from home and no trains or planes. We usually send him some money. Better double check to PO Box. He confirms via email and done.
  • Our travel planner (who has also accompanied and taken care of us on a couple of trips). She doesn't send cards I don't think, but hey we love her so much. Send one and say so.
  • Nice couple, met through a non-profit. Expect a card with grandkids pix any day. Sure, send them one with us vaguely reflected in a Christmas ball.
  • High-powered lawyer and her husband. We know them from many common charities. My records show they sent one last year (replete with family photos, I think) But don't show that I sent one. Lazy record keeping or did I just not do it? Just saw on Facebook that they were headed to Vietnam but are having airline problems.
  • Best friends ever. Did we really not exchange cards last year? Send them one.
  • Another social superstar couple. Bit older than us. So sweet. I played tennis with the lady a long time ago before she quit playing. Expect the multi-page, multi-generational booklet card any day. Send it.
  • Met this gal in Germany in 1993 or so. We've kept up with Christmas cards and I'm friends on Facebook. Weirdly, a good friend of mine introduced me, but she hasn't kept up with her. Think I'll pend this one.
And so it goes. But my energy for it flags. Maybe I'll do a few more tomorrow. And continue to wonder who cares. By the way, I received one today with the sentiment I guess I like best: Peace. It was the only one I received today. And I already sent one their way so winning.

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