Friday, December 23, 2016


We are doing better than usual seeing movies that are being talked about this season. It's all due to the little cinema (Violet Crown) over on 2nd Street just two blocks away. So far we've seen:

Inspired by "Manchester by the Sea" we ordered DVDs of "Margaret" and "You Can Count on Me" from Netflix. (Yes, we still have a Netflix DVD membership.) The director Kenneth Lonergan made these. I'd seen "You Can Count on Me" before. It still seems to be missing something. Not resolution exactly. But "Margaret" is one I'm going to think about for a while. It's very complex although some of the characters seem to be loosely-formed, shadows and shapes.

"Manchester by the Sea" is gripping in its own way and, without giving anything away, I'll say that everyone punishes themselves in their own way. "Moonlight" is about people and situations that I could not completely relate to, but they seemed so real and human. Following a boy growing up (three different actors) it rang some true notes. "La La Land" is a musical, yes. But more than that it explores dreams and desire and the lies we tell ourselves."Jackie" is about the lies we live and the truth behind them. Would be fascinating to see a sequel or two. One could be "Jackie Onasis" and one could be "Jackie the Editor" and so forth.

"Nocturnal Animals" is directed and adapted by Tom Ford. Someone asked me if it was about the Pretty People. Well, there was that. More importantly and the opposite of pretty people there is a novel (brought to life as a movie) within the movie. Interesting conceit. Troubling novel and troubling how it dovetailed with reality.

All these are worth seeing. And worth reading reviews by better critics.

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