Sunday, December 18, 2016

Read More

I want to read more books. I want to at least make an effort to read the headlines and a few complete articles in the papers that arrive at the rate of over twenty a week. (Seven days of The Austin American-Statesman, seven days of The New York Times, six days of The Wall Street Journal and then throw in a weekly or two.) I want to read more magazines. The New Yorker arrives almost every week of the year. I should just read more. I read while I'm eating. I read papers while watching TV with one eye. I read a book (see bedside table above) before bed. It's not enough. The books pile up. The paper tower teeters, there are stacks of magazines I want to get to.
I've read some of these, others (most) are pending. Or maybe they were read by my husband and I keep intending to read them. Some I started and didn't finish. Above is "The Lives of Lee Miller." I asked for it on Amazon and my niece bought it. I read it. Fascinating. I like Roger Angell but the collection above (which I did read) was too much baseball. I read "Sometimes a Great Notion" years ago, but this is a new edition we got so I could read it again. But I haven't. I read "When Paris Went Dark" recently.

What do I do instead of reading? I work puzzles. (Why, oh, why did The New York Times publish a whole section of puzzles today? Including the largest crossword every published in that paper?) I write blog entries and take walks. It's hard to read and walk. When I first retired I rode an exercise bike a lot and caught up with a lot of reading that way.

Well, it's a cold day so I'm going to go get a cup of coffee, get in my easy chair, wrap up in the Polartec throw, and read. Unless I work a puzzle or get distracted by what's on TV.  Or, you know, take a nap.

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